Explorations outside the boundaries

Jonas Cederholm is a graphic designer with an insatiable interest for art, design, photography and music. He began working professionally in 2008 at Gyllensvärd & Co and have done work for IKEAForum Bokförlag, Bunches by Blomrum, Tillskärarakademin i Göteborg, Renova, Karl Andersson & SönerNääs Fabriker, Ted Bernhardtz and Ted Bernhardtz At Work.

Cederholm Graphics is a collection of his explorations outside the boundaries of commercial design work and draws inspiration from beautiful (and frightening) things like film, music, poetry, childhood, travel, nature, architecture, typography and last but not least – life.

You will also find artworks by Jonas at Vallgatan12 and 4 vån (Gothenburg) as well as Nr9 i Sandefjord.

Wanna get in touch? Just say hello to jonas@cederholm.graphics

Photo by Josefine Karlsson